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Thursday, May 7, 2015

World Wide Haitian Creole Lessons by Skype Video Call or FaceTime Video or Google+CreoleHangout

World Wide Haitian Creole Classes by Skype, FaceTime or Google+, Google Talk
Clases Mundiales de Creole Haitiano Ofrecidas por Skype, FaceTime o GoogleTalk
Classes Mondiales de Creole offertes a Travers de Skype, FaceTime ou GoogleTalk
Pran Klas Kreyol Sou Skype, FaceTime oswa Google Talk

Improve and Practice your Language Skills:
Haitian Creole Made Easy with HaitianCreoleMP3 Institute Founder

If you plan on visiting or volunteering in Haiti, this class is for you. If you are a professional working with the UN Forces or any other agency, you can always brush up your language skills. Command the language spoken by millions of Haitians and foreigners in Haiti, Cuba, the U.S.A, Canada, the Dominican Republic, France, and elsewhere. These lessons and/or conversations will give you complete mastery over the language! In addition, you will be learning with and from a seasoned and dedicated educator with years of teaching experience both in Haiti and the U.S.A!

For intermediate and advanced level students, New Haitian Creole Conversations and Dialogues Sessions are being offered by Skype, FaceTime or Google Talk. The sessions will focus mostly on establishing fluency, adjusting the rhythmic and tonic accents, phraselogy, and musicology.

Ki sa n-ap tann? Ann Pale Kreyol! (What are you waiting for? Let's speak Creole!)

Sign up by paying for the sessions you want whenever you feel like it. With your iPad, Android phone, iPhone or laptop, you can learn and reap the health benefits of learning a new language. Improve your language skills and your health at the same time!

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Online Haitian Creole Conversations and Dialogues by Skype and FaceTime: $25 /1-hour Session

These conversations and dialogues are designed to help the beginnner, intermediate, and advanced level language learners increase and improve their language skills, familiarize themselves with the tonic and rhymthmic sequences of the language. In a few words, you will be able to practice with a native speaker of the language.

Online Haitian Creole Conversations and Dialogues by Skype and FaceTime: $25 /1-hour Session

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