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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Complete List of Haitian Creole Expressions, Phrases, Sentences and Greetings (Excerpt from SakPaseLearnHaitianCreole Textbook)

Ekspresyon Kréyòl Util / Useful Haitian Creole Expressions

****Ou Palé Kréyòl?  (Do you speak Creole?) ****
Wi. M palé Kréyòl.  Non. M pa palé Kréyòl (Yes, I speak Creole. No I do not speak Creole).

Cultural Notes:  Haitians will never ask you whether you speak Haitian Creole.  They will refer to Creole as if their Creole was the main and only Creole language that exists out there.  To differentiate Haitian Creole from other types of Creole spoken in some other islands and countries, we will continue to refer to it as Haitian Creole.  In some cases, Creole and Haitian Creole will be used interchangeably. ****

Bonjou - Good Morning (Haitians enjoy greeting others.  It shows you were well raised and had a good education).

Bonswa - Good Afternoon (also used at night to greet others)

Bòn Nwi / bò-n Nwit  - Have a good night (said before going to bed or to wish a good night sleep!)

Pasé bon aprèmidi - Have a good afternoon

Pasé bò-n Jouné /Pasé bòn jounen - Have a good day

Tanpri - Please

Silvouplè - Please

Tanpri Souplé - Please **You truly mean it and want the favor**

Ban mwen - Give me

Ban-m (shortened form) - Give me

Ban-m dlo - Give water; Ban-m kòb - Give me money

Bay - to give     (Bay Manjé ak dlo - give food and water)

Distribiyé Manjé ak Dlo  - Distribute food and water

Mèsi - Thanks

Mèsi anpil - Thaks very much, thank you very much

Ki jan ou yé Maten an?  How are you this morning?
**M pa pi mal / M Byen (literally I am not worse..) - Well, Fine
E ou menm?  And you?

Kòman ou yé la-a?  How are you there?

Ki sa ou vlé?  What do you want?

Ki sa ou ap manjé? Ki sa wap manjé?  What are you eating?

Poukisa ou faché?  Why are you mad?

Konbyen Jwèt ou bezwen?  How many toys do you need?

Konbyen Timoun ki nan lékòl la?  How many children are there at the school?

Kilès ki pi fò? Which one is more intelligent?  Which one is stronger?

Ou mérité / Padkwa - You are welcome, Do not mention it

Tann Mwen - Wait for me

Tann silvouplè - Wait please

Fè back silvouplè - Back up please / Move back please

Annou Alé / Ann alé - Let us go! Let’s go!

Ki sa ou pral fè? What are you going to do?

M pral travay - I am going to work

Ki koté ou pralé?  Where are you going?

M pral Delma, Pòtoprens - I am going to Delmas, Port-au-Prince

Ki moun ki grangou kounyé-a?  Who is hungry now?

Nou tout ap mouri grangou - We are all dying of hunger

M grangou tou - I am hungry too

Na wè pita - See you later

Na wè byento / Na wè nan yon ti kadè - See you soon

Na wè demen maten - See you tomorrow morning                   

Orévwa - Good bye

Fòmé / Fè yon li-n - Form or Make a line

A ki lè wap vini?  At what time are you coming?

Si Bondyé vlé - God willing, if God is willing..!

Na wè demen si Bondyé vlé - See you tomorrow if God is willing

Pa Kouri.  Wa tonbé!  Do not run.  You will fall!

Maché pon - just walk!

Tout moun sé moun - Everybody is somebody!

Gen / Genyen - To have. Example: M gen manjé - I have food.

Ki jan ou rélé?  What is your name?

M rélé Jozèf - My name is Joseph

Kòman papa ou ak manman ou rélé ?  What are your father and mother’s names?

Yo rélé Jozafa ak Madan De   

Enfòmasyon jénéral - General information

Sé tout pou jodi-a - That’s all for today!

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